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Orsay Düsseldorf

Orsay’s new design concept was implemented by our team not only on the ground floor sales area, but also in an upstairs “Brand Room” for meetings and presentations, as well as for the two-story glass facade. Düsseldorf’s fashion conscious Schadowstrasse provided the perfect location for the client to introduce its young, female audience to a new Orsay store look. The stylish shop concept, under the theme „Fashion Connection,“ boasts several new features including a Click&Collect Station, where goods ordered online can be picked up in-store, as well as an inviting group dressing room, where girlfriends have the option to try on their purchases together.  The interior plays with completely new Orsay furniture and the elegant combination of white tones with warm wooden flooring. The store was completed in 2017 and includes 400sqm of retail space.