Designs for brick-and-mortar retail

Our activity in the high-rise sector means that we are active participants in the development of urban retail spaces and shopping centres. We can also offer competent advice when it comes to locations. We can offer holistic solutions for our national and international clients when it comes to their retail property, whether this is breathing new life into existing buildings, building up innovative brand architecture, or anything in between.

We also develop designs for all aspects of brick-and-mortar retail. As well as preparing comprehensive corporate design solutions, we also support our customers with the visual presentation of their brand within the space, designing a unique trade fair presentation and retail design, and we can also offer support with merchandising. Our repertoire further includes developing and planning showrooms and outlets.

High-quality detached houses

Our portfolio includes new buildings or renovations of residential houses, administration buildings, retail spaces and public structures, as well as conducting urban development studies and participating in competitions. We focus on planning and establishing high-quality detached houses and representative business premises.

We see the diversity of our field as a great asset. This allows us to look ahead and act with creativity, and produce aesthetic, forward-thinking and sustainable living spaces for our clients.

Representative business premises